Bashe Design

Bashe Design came to life with the notion to deepen the moment, strengthen the bonds between people, and inspire positive change.

We strive to break the norm in an overly saturated world where mass production and fast fashion have taken us away from what’s truly special; the expression of our identity, the connection with others and our commitment to make the world a better place.

Handcrafted jewellery

From concept to creation, each one of our pieces has been thought and inspired to bring out the free, bold and experimental from within. 

Each piece has undergone an extensive process:- design, creating a wax carving, casting the piece, metal carving, oxidation and polish – a fusion of elements, like a perfect symphony.

Handcrafted and ethically made using precious alloys, sustainably-sourced elements and put through process-intensive means, we ensure a long life and uniqueness in what you will be carrying on.