Custom Orders

We make custom orders. Whether it's a new design, alternate metal, custom size, or a gift for a special someone, we can help you out.


If you are ready to start planning your custom piece, please get in touch:

  • Online Booking - Schedule an online booking where we can plan your custom piece together. We will show you how your piece will be made and help you choose size, design, and finish. To schedule a booking head over to our bookings page.
  • Email us - Send us an email via our contact us page so we can create an email conversation to plan your custom piece. Give us a brief description of what you would like made - the more information you can give us the better we understand. Let us know what size, metal, product type, engravings, and design you would like. If you have photos available of similar products send them through as it helps us envision your desired piece. 

We will quote custom pieces and start manufacturing once approved, and keep you updated throughout the manufacturing process.Please note, our custom orders are not eligible for returns.


We look forward to crafting for you,


Jules and Alej