Blackstone Bespoke

Blackstone Bespoke (BB) boasts an eclectic hybrid of NZ and Spanish influences. Understanding our roots adds dimension and colour to the essence of the brand; a mix of rhythm, style, attitude, a laidback, easy-going vibe, and a zest for life that translates to all our pieces and designs.

Rather than one dominating culture, elements from each background are what fill Blackstone Bespoke with a constant sense of journey.

When it comes to our designs, the value that we bring to a piece is not the worth of the metal itself, but rather what it’s transformed into by our craftsman hammer. We handcraft jewellery that is timeless. It takes an incredible amount of care and intention to achieve true 'classics' and bring a real sense of satisfaction and pride in what you’ll be wearing.

Blackstone Bespoke isn't just a brand, it’s a lady and a troublemaker. It’s palpable and irresistible, and will not be ignored.