From JuJu Design


- a vibe, aura, or sensation emanating from a person, place, or thing.



With an appreciation for design, lifestyle, and fashion, From JuJu Design is for those who have an eye for the timeless and a respect for art in all forms. Each piece is handcrafted using the highest quality precious metals, sustainably-sourced materials and put through process-intensive means to create paramount pieces. From desert cruising with Hendrix too late nights sipping top shelf, our jewellery is designed to meld into the story you weave for yourself. Made to be stacked, mixed, and matched; we’ve created seasonless collections for you to build upon as your narrative changes. A conscious approach to fashion for the lead man compelled to a life of adventure.



Originally founded in December of 2020 by Julian Polglase and Alejandra Barrantes, strung-out on mediocre, the pair began concepting for what is now From JuJu Design - a mens jewellery brand focusing on the relationship between the wearer and raw, earthly elements. Julian, the maker, found his full focus in creating pieces for From JuJu Design and strives to own his work from concept to creation, working directly with his materials. Each lengthy stage of production is a thoughtful and a purposeful development to ensure quality jewellery that lasts a lifetime. This includes; the initial design, careful wax carving, strong casting, precise metal carving, oxidation, polishing, and the final clean. Julian and Alejandra put their unwavering attention, creativity and dedication into From JuJu Design to ensure each piece is completely compelling. Let From JuJu Design become an expansion of your character, drive and unwavering dedication to excellence.