About JuJu

Hey guys, I’m Julian Polglase, the jewellery designer behind From JuJu Design. Today Iʼm going tell you a little bit about the brand and what goes on behind the scenes.
What is From JuJu Design?
From JuJu Design is handcrafted designer jewellery. It's an exclusive space where men can share their interest in the jewellery scene. The collections allow the wearer to express themselves with confidence and class, mix and match the pieces to optimise your identity. When you hang art in a room it brings the room to life. Jewellery does the same, it compliments your fashion, makes you look good and feel great.
What inspires you?
I think firstly you have to love it, I love making jewellery, this is passion. I'm inspired by my family. My family are craftsman, if we can think it we can make it. Thats how I was brought up in New Zealand. Having that creative mindset and initiative really helps with my jewellery making. I'm inspired by other jewellery designers, I love working in the jewellery industry and seeing other peoples work really motivates me to bring my own designs to life. Each piece is inspired by a story, some stories relate to my lifestyle or personal experiences and others are simply a natural flow of creativity, I love it when Iʼm in the zone, I can be at my bench all night.
What is the Process?
Each piece goes through an extensive process to reach a high quality finish, this can be felt in the weight and seen in the detail of the jewellery. Each design starts with a wax carving, shaped using files, carvers and a steady hand. When the wax carving is finished we send it off for casting, effectively turning the wax into an alloy, such as sterling silver. When the piece comes back from casting we start the finishing process. We thoroughly file and sand each piece by hand to ensure we reach our high standard. Lastly the piece is polished and cleaned, the process is now complete. All our pieces are made to order, meaning we do not hold stock. So whether you purchase a bespoke piece or a piece from the current range, each piece is specific to you.
Whats in store for the future for From JuJu Design?
We dream big and so have big plans for the future!
  • Firstly, we want to share our love of jewellery with the world. We are currently in discussions with stockists across Australia, New Zealand and Colombia.
  • We are planning to host exclusive parties and gallery events, allowing you to experience the lifestyle of the brand.
  • We would love to open a local shop front so we can create better relationships with our customer community.
  • We are excited to get involved with Melbourne events, such as Melbourne fashion week and music events.
  • Lastly, and most importantly, we will continue to strive on our journey of sustainability and play our part in helping our planet, something I believe everyone should be conscious of.
Thank you